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2017 Adventures: Greensboro Science Center

So I’m kind of a museum enthusiast. I love the collections of artifacts, the dimmed lights, the atmosphere of learning and entertainment combined into one. I plan on taking W to visit A LOT of museums over the course of his childhood. History museums, science museums, art museums when he’s older. And I’m looking forward to chaperoning a few field trips to museums that he’ll hopefully have while in school.

I have this vague memory of a large amethyst geode sitting at the top of a staircase. I can remember being so blown away by the size of this thing as a kid. The memory always sparked other memories of dinosaurs and a gift shop with rocks and crystals for sale. And I knew that this memory belonged to a trip to the Greensboro Science Center that I took while in elementary school.

The geode at the top of the staircase that always stuck out in my mind.

So when we decided to take W to visit the science center, I was pretty excited to be visiting a place of which I had such a fond memory. And it turned out to be a great trip that W really enjoyed. Of course, the giant amethyst geode wasn’t quite as big as I remembered it, but I was a lot shorter the last time I saw it. And it was still pretty cool.

The Greensboro Science Center features a museum, an aquarium, and a zoo. The zoo and the aquarium were probably the most enjoyable part for W. Even though it was hot the day we visited, we took our time walking through the outdoor zoo and checking out all the animals including meerkats and black howler monkeys. There are free-roaming peacocks and peahens around the zoo area, and we were lucky to have one walk right in front of us for a while!

Hello, Peacock!

Probably the most impressive part of the museum for W was the temporary dinosaur exhibit. The exhibit contains almost life-size replicas of all of W’s favorite dinosaurs and some smaller ones for kids to play with. The museum also has a good collection of various reptiles on the lower floor. W enjoyed looking at all the snakes, iguanas, and lizards and he even got to pet a turtle!


If you’re looking for something to do in or around Greensboro, I would definitely recommend visiting the science center. I’d like to try out the SKYWILD course. We watched several people completing the course while we were there, and it looked like a lot of fun. Perhaps when W is a bit older, we can make another trip to the museum just for that.

Check out my other posts from our day trips this summer at the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville and the NC Zoo in Asheboro.

The meerkat exhibit features a cool, little tunnel that you can climb into to get a closer view.



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