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A Trip to Lidl!

I love little day trips that just kind of happen on a whim, even if it’s just to a new grocery store. I got off work early the other day and called my mom (who was keeping W for me that day), and we decided to meet for lunch and check out the new Lidl that had opened up in Thomasville, NC.

Have you guys heard of Lidl? If you’ve been to an Aldi, it’s basically the same idea. We’ve had an Aldi for several years now, and I occasionally do my shopping there. When I heard that a Lidl was opening up close by, I knew I wanted to check it out.

So on this random Tuesday when I got off work early, that’s what we did. I met my mom and W for lunch, and then we went grocery shopping. I wasn’t planning on making this a serious shopping trip. I just wanted to pick up a few things to get a feel for how the prices compared to the other local grocery stores. The store has child-sized carts for little shoppers to use. So instead of grabbing myself a cart, I just let W grab one of those and gave him the go ahead to do all the shopping himself.


Of course, I had to make a few suggestions here and there and put a few things back. But W was in charge of the shopping, and he LOVED it. I know he felt so grown up (and looked so grown up) pushing his cart around. He ended up picking out some mangos, a pineapple, a frozen pizza, spaghetti sauce and pasta, and some trail mix. He was proud of his hard work!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the store. The building itself looks modern and clean, and the inside has the same feel. I especially liked that they had a bakery there. W picked out a chocolate doughnut to eat on the way home. I wouldn’t mind trying some of the breads sometime. They looked really good!


The prices seemed about the same as what you can expect at Aldi. The fresh produce is probably my favorite thing to buy at Aldi, because it is usually much cheaper than it is at other stores including Wal-mart. Judging by the produce we purchased on this shopping trip, I believe the same holds true for Lidl. All of the produce looked fresh and seemed less expensive than what I normally see at other stores.

Everything else the store offers is reasonably inexpensive, probably about the same as what you can find at Wal-mart, but you have to accept that you’re not going to find your usual selection of brands. The spaghetti sauce we bought was very good, but I couldn’t read the ingredient list as the English translation wasn’t included on the jar. The frozen pizza, which was a thin crust pepperoni, was also good.

Overall, it was a fun adventure for just a trip to a grocery store. I doubt I will shop there again simply because of the inconvenient location which is over 30 minutes from where we live. But if a Lidl opened up that was closer, I’d definitely shop there!





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