August Gardening Update

Our gardening season is coming to close. We've reached that point in the year where it's hotter and dryer and keeping the garden watered is a daily chore. So this is usually when we just quit watering and allow nature to take it's course. Whatever we end up with at this point is fine with us.… Continue reading August Gardening Update


Our DIY Composter

Composting is seriously the coolest thing ever. Okay, it's really not. It's all just dirt in the end. Still, being able to take a bunch of "waste" and turn it into something useful is pretty cool and no small accomplishment. Admittedly, nature does most of the work. But we do provide the ingredients. My husband… Continue reading Our DIY Composter


June Gardening Update

It's officially summer now in North Carolina. The longest day of the year has come and gone - the beginning of the true heat and humidity that makes living in the South such a sweaty experience, especially if you're doing any gardening outside. But with the heat comes the harvest. The squash and the cucumbers.… Continue reading June Gardening Update