Family Adventures

2017 Adventures: Greensboro Science Center

So I'm kind of a museum enthusiast. I love the collections of artifacts, the dimmed lights, the atmosphere of learning and entertainment combined into one. I plan on taking W to visit A LOT of museums over the course of his childhood. History museums, science museums, art museums when he's older. And I'm looking forward to… Continue reading 2017 Adventures: Greensboro Science Center

Health and Wellness

5 ways to celebrate Lazy Mom’s Day

There are days when it seems like I never find a moment to myself. If I'm not keeping my son entertained, I'm cooking. If I'm not cooking, I'm cleaning up after everyone. Basically I'm running around all day like a chicken with her head cut off, and I'm just praying for 5 minutes of time… Continue reading 5 ways to celebrate Lazy Mom’s Day

Family Adventures

2017 Adventures: Lazy 5 Ranch

I believe we actually took this trip to Lazy 5 Ranch in the early spring this year. It was a cooler, overcast kind of day. Regardless, this was one of the best day trips our little family has been on this year. Seriously! Lazy 5 Ranch is located in Mooresville, NC. It's a big ranch… Continue reading 2017 Adventures: Lazy 5 Ranch